Avoiding Distractions

Followthese tips provided bythe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the National Safety Council and the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety to avoid being distracted while driving: Do [...]

Tips for Crossing Intersections

Insurance, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the National Safety Council advise commercial vehicle drivers to keep the following points in mind when crossing an intersection of [...]

Railway Crossing Safety Steps

Be mindful of trains. It takes more than a mile fora train to stop. Due to the size of the train, it may appear to be further down the tracks and moving slower than it really is. WHAT TO DO WHEN [...]

Pre-Trip Inspection

The following are sample guidelines that can be used to conduct a step-by-step pre-trip inspection of your commercial motor vehicle. Chock blocks should be utilized to prevent the truck from [...]

How to Back Safely

These general guidelines are provided as a service to the transportation industry Other backing situations may require additional procedures. REMEMBER WHEN BACKING: Never back while talking on a [...]

Beware of Glare

When driving in bright sunlight, glare can be a significant and sometimes deadly hazard. The following tips to help reduce or eliminate the dangers caused by glare from sunlight. Drive cautiously [...]